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Totally OutRIGHT Peel is a free program for cis & trans masculine GBTQ2S and other men who have sex with men aged 18 – 35.


What is in it for you? 

  • learn how to navigate wellbeing, sexual health, your rights and network with phenomenal queer activists & health professionals.

  • Learn through holistic thought provoking discussions and challenge stigma under the guidance of leaders & experts in gay men’s health.

  • We have lots of prizes to be won for participating.


Totally OutRIGHT is not intended to be a support program; rather, it is a skills-building course. 

To complete the program you will need to attend two evening workshops.

Totally OutRIGHT has been an incredible experience for the many young gay, bisexual, trans, and queer guys who got involved, from personal skills building to professional development. Due to COVID-19, the next Totally OutRIGHT workshop series will take place online, Tuesday evenings from 5.30PM - 8.00PM on August 31st, 2021 & September 7th, 2021. 


Hit 'Apply Now' and join the network of hundreds of guys from across Canada! 

Added Benefits:  

·         Accreditation - This program is developed by the Community Based Research Center (CBRC).  

·         CME Credits – Counts towards Continued Medical Education. 

·         Networking – Develop a personal and professional network of up-and-coming leaders. 

·         Career opportunities - Become an attractive candidate for career opportunities. 

·         Gifts & Prizes - $75 E-voucher upon completion, a welcome hamper, and prizes to be won.



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Christopher Sherman (He/Him)

Panel Expert 

Christopher Sherman is a queer sex positive photographer and director living in Toronto Canada.

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Jodh Singh (He/Him)

Gay Men' Health Programs Coordinator 

Jodh  is the Gay Men’s Health Programs Coordinator at Moyo Health & Community Services. Before joining Moyo Jodh founded the Queer Sikh Network , an LGBTQ+ resource platform for Sikhs. He is also a Research Assistant in Epidemiology at the Dalla Lana School of Public Health. In his spare time he enjoys hiking, researching history and organizing events for other queer people looking to create a family and network.

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David Absalom

Panel Expert

David Absalom is a public health and policy professional. During his graduate career, his research interests surrounded the intersections of HIV/AIDS, Gay Men’s Health, and the well being of Black communities. David has worked both on the front-lines as a MSM worker for the Region of Peel, and in public health research coordinating an Ontario wide HIV Pre- Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) cohort study out of St. Michael’s Hospital. In addition to this work, provincial organizations such as the Gay Men’s Sexual Health Alliance (GMSH) and the African Caribbean Black Council on HIV in Ontario (ACCHO) have invited David to contribute to the development of a Black Gay Men’s Health strategy in Ontario and identify avenues for action to address the sexual health and wellbeing priorities of Black gay men across Ontario. In 2019, David left the sector to attend the Toronto Urban Fellows Program, a research & policy fellowship with the City of Toronto. Since completing the Urban Fellows program, David has been working on social and health policy projects for the City of Toronto from a community-minded, intersectional, evidence-based approach.

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Robbie Ahmed (He/Him)

Panel Expert

Robbie Ahmed (he/him) is a trans singer-songwriter, writer and arts educator. He writes & sings on intersections of self-love immigration, mental health, spirituality and trans representation in the media. His past activism work includes being a spokesperson for Toronto4All campaign for racialized trans youth, as well as working as the Project Manager for the update of PRIMED: a 68 page sexual health resource for trans masculine &non-binary people. He served 3 years on the Board of Directors of Across Boundaries, an ethnoracial mental health agency, working on their first QTBIPOC mental health services & on board of Creatress, an online platform for uplifting women and gender minorities in the arts. Currently Robbie works as a musician, and a contributing writer for YOHOMO, Toronto's LGBTQ arts and culture publication & as well as an organizer with WAYF (Where are you from collective), an arts activism program for pan-Asian youth running the "Decolonizing Gender" project.

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Shazad Hai (He/Him)

Panel Expert 

Shazad (Raj - work name), is a former sex educator turned sex worker and founder of Rangeela, a non-profit queer Bollywood dance event that has been happening for the last decade here in Toronto.

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Matteo Scurci (He/Him)

Peer Facilitator

Matteo is an Online Outreach volunteer at Moyo Health & Community Services. With a passion for equality, Matteo hopes to positively impact the lives of those within his community through the power of education. Prior to volunteering with Moyo Health & Community Services, Matteo volunteered with Pride Toronto for several years as the Donations Team Lead. Aside from his professional life, you may spot Matteo biking around the GTA, reading a book under a tree, or dancing to Beyoncé at any given point.

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Totally OutRIGHT was developed as a response to the systemic challenges that affect queer men. HIV, social stigma, and substance use continue to have cumulative effects on their health, a phenomenon called syndemics. The largest module of the program provides an in-depth understanding of HIV and Sexually Transmitted Blood Borne Infections (STBBI) workshop where you will build skills and knowledge about HIV prevention, education and treatment. In addition, you will able to identify a variety of STBBIs, understand various symptoms as well as prevention and treatment methods. Once completed you will be equipped with practical knowledge as well as the self confidence to advocate for your rights in health and personal settings. Below we have listed some of the topics and the format. 

Substance Use

We will explore the history of substance use in sexualized and non sexualized settings in the GBTQMSM+ community and further develop understandings of Harm Reduction and its role in preventing death and increased lift expectancy.


Taking some time to reflect, close some wounds, reframe and develop skills to take care of your mental health.

Sexual health and Sexuality 

Myth busting sexual health stereotypes and redefine sex without shame or stigma, using an Anti-Racist and Anti-Oppressive approach.  


Unlearning and relearning to appreciate diverse genders, relationship styles and sexual orientations.


Provoke your thoughts and ideas on how to improve the health and well being of GBTQMSM’s in Peel region.



Develop skill sets employed by professionals to engage in healthy conversations in a meaningful way.


Workshop 1: Tuesday 31st August, 2021


Part 1: Mind, Body, Sex & Life

1 hour panel discussion exploring the syndemics of bodies, sex and life on the implications of risk factors to health.

Part 2: Reflecting back

An opportunity to unpack the discussion held in part 1 of the workshop. We will also be creating designs with an chance to win a top prize.  


Workshop 2: Tuesday 7th September, 2021

Part 1: Down under(wear)

A crash course in understanding sexual health, queer activism, stigmatizing attitudes and taking control of the narrative. 



"I feel more connected to my queer community; I didn’t feel as isolated as I got to find more people like me. Living in Peel region means I've had go downtown to clubs and bookshops to see other queer folks. But it's nice to find that through Totally Outright."


"I liked the open conversation, as well as the variety of topics discussed, including how I can take control of my STI testing with my doctor."

"I went into Totally Outright without really knowing anybody and no idea of what to expect. I learned a lot about gay men's health, and was able to use that information to keep my partners and I safe. I met some of my best friends at TO and I'm so grateful for this amazing program"



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Who is behind this program?


Totally Outright was created by the Community Based Research Centre for Gay Men's Health (CBRC) and has been implemented in the Peel region since 2016. Totally Outright is being delivered by Moyo Health & Community Services to strengthen community and health for young gay, bisexual, trans and queer (GBTQ) men. It's a great opportunity for you if you are looking to meet other young guys and build community in Mississauga, Brampton and Caledon.


We gratefully acknowledge the financial support of the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care of the Province of Ontario. 


If you have any questions contact us at

Statement on Acknowledgement of Traditional Land

The Indigenous peoples who have lived on this land since time immemorial never gave, sold, traded or in other ways transferred ownership of their land to the European colonies that settled here. We acknowledge that it is critical to recognize and take action against the historical and continued violence of settler colonialism and see the need to work continuously on decolonization and Indigenous solidarity work.   


In Acknowledging territory, we are also recognizing the history and connection between Indigenous peoples and the relationship and responsibility they have to the land. However, acknowledging territory is only the beginning of cultivating strong relationships with Canada’s first peoples. Moyo encourages our partners and affiliates to reach out to local Indigenous communities to open pathways and promote allyship. We will continue to be an active partner in unity with our Indigenous allies. 


It is important that we continue to make concerted efforts to highlight the voices of

indigenous communities, while moving forward to build mutually respectful & meaningful relationships grounded in the history of Canada and its obligations to Indigenous First Peoples.


Revised In partnership with The Indigenous Network and Moyo HCS on July 31st, 2020.